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Family Caregiver Support

Are you a caregiver?

Many people don't think of themselves as caregivers, but if one or more of the statements below apply to you, then you are a caregiver.

Do you...

  • provide direct care to someone--such as feeding, bathing, dressing, supervision, or any other type of assistance?
  • provide supportive care such as delivering meals, giving rides, calling or stopping in to check on someone?
  • feel concerned that someone you know isn't taking care of him or herself?
  • feel concerned that a caregiver you know is struggling and needs help?

Through the Older Americans Act, the National Family Caregiver Support Program (NFCSP) was developed by the Administration on Aging (AoA) after listening to the needs expressed by thousands of family caregivers in discussions held across the United States. Through Title III-E of the Older Americans Act, the State of Wisconsin has received funds to administer this program.

The Wisconsin National Family Caregiver Support Program offers information, support, and resources to assist family caregivers (spouse, adult child, another relative, friend, or neighbor) with their concerns related to caregiving. NFCSP helps caregivers find solutions to their caregiving dilemmas. Whether arranging for services, e.g. respite care, transportation, etc. or helping families understand their options for care, the Family Caregiver Support Program gives caregivers access to the information and services that can help them in the often rewarding, sometimes challenging, role of caregiver.

What does this program offer?
  • Caregiver self-identification
  • Increase awareness of family caregiver issues and resources within Dane County
  • Provide and promote educational and training opportunities
  • Reach family caregivers where they are – in the workplace, hospital, and clinic, and at home
  • Caregivers will have access to a full range of services, in order to be educated, supported, nurtured, and sustained in their vital role.
Who is eligible for the program?

The Wisconsin National Family Caregiver Support Program provides help to family members, neighbors, and friends who care for

  • persons age 60 and older, or
  • persons with Alzheimer's disease and related disorders regardless of age
  • Children (under age 18) being raised by their grandparents or other relatives (age 55+)
  • Disabled adults (age 18—59) receiving care from their parents, grandparents, or other relatives (age 55+)

Additional Caregiver Resources

Monthly Caregiver Support Groups

There are a number of support groups in Dane County that meet at various times, days, and locations: Dane County Caregiver Support Groups

Call the Area Agency on Aging at (608) 261-9930 for more information.

Caregiver Education

Available for organizations, groups, employers, and churches.


A variety of books and videos are available for the public to check out. Topics range from caregiver wellness to health condition related information.

Caregiver Chronicles Monthly Newsletter

The AAA publishes a monthly newsletter Caregiver Chronicles to provide Dane County Caregivers with useful information and resources.

Please check out our latest edition below.

To subscribe, email or call (608) 261-5679.

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