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Dane County Department of Human Services

Adult Addiction Treatment

The Dane County Department of Human Services offers substance use treatment services for individuals without insurance coverage. The Department contracts with local agencies and organizations to provide programs and services.

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Finding a Provider

If you or someone you know needs help with an alcohol or drug problem, you should first consult with your health insurance company and/or your doctor. Generally, there is a required service provider for those who have private health insurance or another form of financial help. Check with your health plan administrator for details.

If you do not have health insurance or the ability to pay for treatment, you may be eligible for services with one of Dane County's providers. These providers counsel individuals struggling with substance abuse through County funded programs.

If you are uncertain of where to begin or would like assistance in navigating available services, please contact the Behavioral Health Resource Center

Residential Treatment

As of February 2021, Residential Substance Use Disorder Treatment is a covered service under Wisconsin Medicaid (MA), including BadgerCare.  Prior authorization from the County is not necessary for individuals seeking Residential Treatment under their MA benefit.

  • Individuals with MA who are connected with an outpatient substance use provider should ask that provider to make a referral to a Residential Treatment facility.  The outpatient provider should complete an assessment, referral, and warm hand-off to residential level of care. 
  • Individuals with MA who are not connected to an outpatient provider may self-refer to a Residential Treatment provider within the MA provider network.  The Residential Treatment provider can complete the necessary assessment and determination of eligibility.   
  • Individuals who do not have insurance coverage and wish to seek County-funded Residential Treatment should contact the Behavioral Health Resource Center at 608-267-2244.

Support for Room and Board cost is available for adult Dane County residents seeking Residential Treatment from an MA provider in Dane County.  DCHDS works directly with those providers to determine eligibility through the program’s assessment and intake process.  Individuals in need of Room and Board assistance should contact the Residential Treatment agency directly, there is no need for a separate approval from DCDHS.

Treatment Eligibility and Cost

To receive substance use services funded by Dane County, you must be a Dane County Resident. Most of these services are for individuals without health insurance or the financial ability to pay. Every service provider operates in its own way. Certain providers have other funding sources to help keep the cost of service down. Service fees are also often dependent on a person's ability to pay.

If you have questions about options available to you, please contact the Behavioral Health Resource Center.