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Dane County Department of Human Services

Early Childhood Initiative (ECI)

La Iniciativa para Los Niños de Temprana Edad

ECI is an innovative voluntary home visiting program in Madison/Dane County, Wisconsin for pregnant women and families with children aged 0 to 4. ECI services are grounded in the knowledge that families are more successful when parents and children have access to responsive, comprehensive, and community-based support. You do not need to be a first-time parent to join.


Each family is assigned their own Family Support Specialist (FSS). The FSS will come to your home or another convenient location to meet with you every week at a time that fits your schedule. What we do during our time together is dependent on your goals and hopes for your family. Some of the things that we typically focus on include:

  • Finding a job or getting more education (completing GED/Diploma, attending technical training, or college)
  • Learning about your baby's health, behavior, and development
  • How your upbringing and childhood experiences impact your relationship with your child/children
  • Connecting to housing, food, child care, and other resources
  • Getting along with important people in your life
  • Feeling good emotionally and physically
  • Opportunities to meet other parents and socialize



Families must meet one item under both criteria below to enter ECI:

Criteria 1:

  • Pregnant at the time of referral
  • Parent or caregiver of a child 12 months old or younger

Criteria 2:

Live in one of the following neighborhoods or towns:

  • Allied Drive
  • Leopold Road
  • Raymond Road/Southwest Madison
  • Sun Prairie or Marshall
  • Madison Northside

Sign Up / Refer a Family

To sign up for ECI or refer a family, call or email the office listed below that's nearest to your location or the location of the family you're referring. If you're not sure which location is closest to you, call any office and we will help direct you to the right person. You may also fill out our referral sheet and fax or email it to us.

Download the Referral Sheet here (English)

Download the Referral Sheet here (Spanish)


Office Locations

ECI currently has five offices in Dane County. Four of them are located in Madison. Families must live in one of our service areas to participate in the program. If you are not sure if you qualify, please contact us.

Sun Prairie/Marshall

1632 W. Main St., #9
Sun Prairie, WI 53590
Phone: (608) 825-2165
Fax: (608) 241-9621
Site Coordinator: Nicolle Hill

The district includes:
Families that live within the Sun Prairie or Marshall School District. This may include addresses that are technically in towns outside of Sun Prairie and Marshall.

Southwest Madison/Raymond Road

5802 Raymond Rd
Madison, WI 53711
Phone: (608) 283-1678
Fax: (608) 283-2981
Site Coordinator: Jennifer Torres-Barrera

The district includes, but is not limited to:
Russett Road, Hammersley, Balsam, Elver Park, Schroeder Road, Raymond Road, Prairie, Morraine, Wexford Ridge, Verona area

Allied Drive Office

2225 Allied Dr., #4
Madison, WI 53711
Phone: (608) 273-6600
Fax: (608) 241-9621
Site Coordinator: Ashley Barlow

The district includes, but is not limited to:
Allied Drive, Red Arrow Trail, Britta Parkway, Rosenberry, Thurston, Crescent, Carling, Alhambra, Chalet Gardens

Leopold Office

3301 Leopold Way, #108
Madison, WI 53711
Phone: (608) 273-6955
Fax: (608) 241-9621
Site Coordinator: Nicolle Hill

The district includes, but is not limited to:
Post Road, Coho, Leopold, High Ridge Trail, Greenway Cross, South Park Street, Badger Road

Northside Office

2901 Packers Ave
Madison, WI 53704
Phone: (608) 467-3004
Fax: (608) 241-9621
Site Coordinator: Brittany Brooks

The district includes:
Families that live in the Gompers, Lake View, Mendota, and Lindbergh school areas for MMSD