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Child Care Subsidy

The Child Care Funding program provides assistance with paying for child care expenses to low-income parents who are working or preparing to enter the workforce.


Toys in a daycare.

Who Qualifies for Child Care Funding and How to Apply

Wisconsin Shares is available for eligible families that are in work, work-related, or school/training activities. 

The Child Care subsidy payment depends on the household's income, hours of care needed, how many children will need care in the family, what are the provider's rate, and other factors. All families are expected to pay a portion of the expense or co-pay directly to the provider.

The childcare subsidy can only pay to childcare providers who are licensed or certified. It is the parents' or relative caretakers' responsibility to find the provider they wish to use. To obtain information about child care providers in your area, or if you are interested in becoming a child care provider, please contact Community Coordinated Child Care (4-C) at (608) 271-9181, or visit their website for more information.

Apply or check potential eligibility for child care benefits now.

In-person applications can be made at the following locations:

The Job Center has computers available to complete online applications.

Applications can also be made over the phone by calling Capital Consortium at (888) 794-5556.

For more information regarding Child Care Funding, visit the State website here.

For community resources, call the United Way of Dane County at 2-1-1, or visit them online at