Protective Services

Child Abuse & Neglect


Child protection workers use a statewide model premised on the belief that the role and purpose of Child Protective Services is to assess family conditions, circumstances, and behaviors to determine if families need agency services to keep their children safe and to provide and coordinate such services when needed. The model reflects the following principles:

  • Families are the fundamental foundation of our society.
  • The health and safety of the child is the paramount value in CPS intervention, and the best environment for providing health and safety is a permanent family.
  • It is the CPS workers' job to encourage and assist families to change behaviors and conditions that create threats to safety and risk to children.
  • Successful intervention requires a high level of family involvement in determining the focus and design of treatment and safety plans.
  • Child safety is a product of family and community systems, as well as, the actions of individuals.