Transportation Services

Community Access Transportation

Supplemental Medical Transportation Assistance (SMTA)

The SMTA provides scheduled individualized rides to medical appointments and treatments which are frequent, of long duration, or distant from the client's home. Door-to-door and accessible vehicle service is available. Service area is all of Dane County. This is generally a temporary transportation service. A completed Transportation Intake Form may be requested.

General Eligibility:
The SMTA is available to persons who live in their own homes or apartments. Access to the SMTA is determined by Dane County Department of Human services and coordinated through the Transportation Call Center. Individuals who receive MA rides through Common Carrier Medical Assistance Transportation are not eligible for medical rides. Individuals enrolled in Long-Term Care through Family Care, Family Care Partnership and IRIS are not eligible.
Passengers' co-pay is based on ability to pay. Funding for this program is limited and only rides which are not covered by other funding sources or ride programs are eligible.
How to Apply:
Contact the Transportation Call Center at (608) 242-6489 or