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Bus Buddy Program

The Bus Buddy Program provides route familiarization and other support while learning to use Metro Transit, share-ride transit programs or county-funded group ride programs. Individuals are assigned a Volunteer Bus Buddy and receive one-on-one training. The Bus Buddy Program also provides bus training excursions. A group of seniors travel via Metro Transit to a community event and out to lunch while learning to use the bus. Service area for training is the Metro Transit boundaries. Service area for shared-ride transit and county-funded group ride training is all of Dane County. This is a temporary travel training service.

General Eligibility:
The Bus Buddy program is available to any Dane County residents who live in their own homes or apartments and who are unfamiliar with Metro Transit routes, shared-ride taxi transit programs or other DCDHS transportation programs.
There is no fare while participating in the program.
How to Apply:
Contact the Retired Senior and Volunteer Program at (608) 238-7787 or the Transportation Call Center at (608) 242-6489 or