Mental Health Services

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Vision of Recovery

The focus of the mental health system is on Recovery. This means accepting the realities of illness while focusing on life. As noted in the Final Report of The Blue Ribbon Commission on Mental Health PDF formatExternal link, the basic recovery-oriented principles that need to be incorporated into all aspects of service delivery include:

  • Recovery is possible, i.e., a meaningful life is possible despite catastrophic illness, and despite limitations of systems and symptoms. Services are delivered with a hopeful attitude toward growth, positive experiences and successes. Multiple sources and methods of providing motivation and hope must be present at every level of the mental health system.
  • Mental health consumers must be welcomed partners in their care, in assuming a significant degree of control in the development of their treatment plan and in determining the goals toward which they choose to work.
  • A “Just Start Anywhere” mode of consumer action must be fostered. Recovery does not have one starting point or one destination: the goal is to just start moving forward in any area, in any increment. Both staff and consumers must recognize that there are as many paths to healing as there are paths to illness.
  • A broad range of consumer run services is promoted.
  • Meaningful work/educational activities are valued and worked toward.
  • Service providers must encourage and facilitate an increase in consumers' abilities to self-manage disorders in ways that are meaningful to the individual consumer.
  • Use of community resources should be encouraged.
  • Staff must be empowered and encouraged to be flexible in the delivery of services.
  • Mental health consumers want what everybody else wants. They want a home and loved ones, and to continue to grow as they age. They want their lives to have meaning. They do not want to die, never having lived.
  • A recovery-oriented mental health system moves beyond the focus of surviving and develops the focus of thriving.