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Recovery Dane
Access to Independence - Peer Specialist Program
Solstice House Peer-Run Respite

Solstice House Peer-Run Respite is a resource for individuals who are in need of extra support related to mental health and/or substance use challenges. Potential guests are people who are looking to strengthen their recovery and proactively address any challenges they may currently be experiencing. A short-term stay (1-5 days) in a home-like environment offers connections for individuals who are experiencing difficult times as an opportunity for growth and change.

Solstice House Peer-Run Respite is open and free to all adult residents of Wisconsin who want peer support to aid in their recovery related to mental health and/or substance use concerns.

Solstice House also offers 24-hour access to one-on-one peer support through our warmline.

All staff at Solstice House (including those in leadership roles) identify as peers, people who have lived experience of mental health and/or substance use systems, and have been successful in their recovery. Peers who work at Solstice House want to share their personal experience to support others in their recovery and provide hope for wellness.

For guest inquiries or warmline support, please call (608) 244-5077.