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Right Track Second Chance

Right Track Second Chance (RTSC) serves males between the ages of 13-17 who have been adjudicated delinquent. The goals of RTSC are to teach youth to be accountable for their actions, teach self-esteem, and to teach youth to think before they act. It is hoped that youth completing the program will have more value for themselves, their families, their education, and the community. It is further expected that graduates of RTSC will have learned to take ownership for the behaviors which got them involved in the juvenile court system and to refrain from those behaviors that are harmful to themselves and/or others.

General Eligibility

Delinquent males between the ages of 13 and 17. All males are court-ordered into RTSC as an alternative to out-of-home placement (i.e., corrections or residential treatment).

Youth participating in RTSC are expected to be willing to make changes in their lifestyle and cooperate with the program. Parents are expected to support the program goals and be willing to work with the program and their child. All youth in RTSC are under county supervision and court-ordered to cooperate and complete RTSC.

How to Apply

Referrals are initiated by the assigned Dane County Department of Human Services Social Worker.


RTSC meets four evenings per week and Saturday. The program monitors school, home, and community performance of each youth. Weekend curfew is determined by the program level system and is monitored each week. During nightly meetings, youth have an opportunity to complete homework and/or participate in educational activities, and interact with their peers and adults. Family involvement is crucial, and all parents are expected to attend a monthly meeting, which discusses youth progress and offers education on parenting skills.

Transportation is provided from the south or east transfer points. If needed, some youth may be picked up from school or home. Transportation for youth living outside of Madison is arranged with the Social Worker and the youth's parents. Youth are returned home nightly by RTSC staff.

Right Track Second Chance is designed to be completed in 6 to 9 months. The average length of time in the program is generally 7 to 8 months.


There is a $25.00 per month fee for all youth placed under Human Services supervision. This fee is waived if the juvenile is placed outside the parental home. In these instances, however, a monthly fee is charged for the placement. Parents are sent information by Dane County fiscal representatives which help determine the amount of the fee.

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