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Right Track Plus

Right Track Plus is designed to redirect adjudicated youth from further escalation and to reduce their chances for further court involvement by providing intensive case management services, supervision, study tables, and life choice discussion groups.

Right Track Plus is a medium-level intervention program designed to work in conjunction with the balanced approach style and other case plans. The program is available to judges and Dane County Department of Human Services Social Workers who feel that certain youth might benefit from re-directive services, culturally-specific case management and supervision, and discussion groups.


In keeping with the balanced approach and restorative justice philosophy, Right Track Plus case managers provide youth with re-directive programming which focuses on:

Community Protection
Medium supervision, curfew monitoring, job and school checks. Access to electronic monitoring.
Competency Development
Modification of school performance, a decrease in truancy, and better life skills.
Taking responsibility for actions and behavior, coordination on community service obligations, and payment of restitution.

Right Track Plus case managers work with youth and their families to encourage family values and behavior, to help parents set appropriate standards, to empower and strengthen families in a way that will enable them to maintain changes made during the service period.

General Eligibility

Males or females between the ages of 10 and 17 years who have high probability for future court or social service involvement. Supervision is provided for a period of 3-9 months. There are 80 slots available per year.

How to Apply

Referrals are made by the assigned Dane County Department of Human Services Social Worker who submits the delinquency assessment, court order, and police reports to the Neighborhood Intervention Program.


Youth accepted into the Right Track Plus Program sign a contract with their worker and must agree to be involved in a discussion group, study table, and with at least one other community activity per week. Staff will provide youth with re-directive case management services, which are consistent with the Right Track concept. These services include:

  • Medium level case management services with a minimum of 2-3 face-to-face contacts each week.
  • Efforts to strengthen and maintain intact families whenever possible.
  • Establishing a reasonable curfew.
  • Monitoring of school progress.
  • Weekly school visits.
  • Weekly home visits.
  • Advocate/coordinate inter-agency relationships (i.e., restitution, community service, etc.).
  • Support and empower family to maintain the changes made during the service period.

There is a $25.00 per month fee for all youth placed under Human Services supervision. This fee is waived if the juvenile is placed outside the parental home. In these instances, however, a monthly fee is charged for the placement. Parents are sent information by Dane County fiscal representatives which help determine the amount of the fee.

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