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Behavioral Intervention Group (B.I.G.)

B.I.G. (Behavioral Intervention Group) is a service offered by DCDHS through the Neighborhood Intervention Program. It is designed for male and female middle and high school age students throughout Dane County who are struggling with anger management issues. Presently the groups meet on Wednesday evenings for five weeks, at the Neighborhood Intervention Program office which is located at 1227 N. Sherman Ave. in Madison, Wisconsin. Parents are required to attend the first group with their child. Referrals come primarily from DCDHS social workers, school district staff members, or from municipal court as an alternative to filing formal delinquency charges. It is expected that youth appropriate for B.I.G. do not have severe mental health problems, nor should they be in need of more lengthy and intensive behavioral interventions for their anger issues. Other services such as Alternatives To Aggression should be considered in these situations.

There is no cost for this service and transportation assistance is available. For more information contact Alan Chancellor at (608) 512-9276.