Collections Unit

The primary responsibility of the Collections Unit is to assess, bill and collect money due Dane County Human Services for services provided to our customers.

Services we offer:

We coordinate Dane County's Birth to 3 Early Intervention Program and Children's Long-Term Support Services ability to pay system. This includes collection of family financial information to determine ability to pay, and also billing and collection of fees due Dane County for these services.

We collect certification fees that have been assessed to service providers.

Parents are assessed a fee if their child(ren) have Juvenile Court ordered in-home supervision services. If you believe you are unable to afford the monthly fee, you may apply for a fee reduction or waiver. Financial disclosure is required to determine if you are eligible for a waiver or reduction based on the Wisconsin Uniform Fee Schedule External linkPDF format.

Parents are assessed a parental fee for juvenile shelter and detention stays, based on Child Support standards for the state of Wisconsin and the parent's financial disclosure.

We are mandated by state law that require all parents to pay child support whenever their child(ren) are placed in substitute care, including group homes, foster homes, child-care institutions, and juvenile corrections. We make recommendations to the court for child support amounts based upon a computation of the state's percentage of income standard External linkPDF format using the financial disclosure information provided by the parent(s).


The Collection Unit will bill and collect for the fees charged by the Dane County Human Services Collections Unit. Please have your account number available, as you will need it to enter the payment system.


Perry Hayes, Collections Coordinator